Improve consumer experience.

MyQNo can help reduce waiting time of your customers/patients to as low as 10 minutes.

Maximize infrastructure utilization

MyQNo is an AI backed queue management app which can help you utilize your infrastructure to full capacity without compromising consumer experience.

Low cost and ready to use.

MyQNo can start helping you immediately. You would notice significant improvement in queue management in less than a month.

Improving customer experience is of vital importance for any business. Businesses which involve personal contact with customer provide an opportunity as well as a challenge at improving their experience.

Customers hate to wait.

Waiting is associated with uncertainty which increases anxiety and also projects an impression of inefficient management.

MyQNo offers an efficient and an effective way to manage queues, reduce anxiety and significantly reduce waiting time for consumers with ease and without the need of investment in any additional infrastructure.


Affordable Price

We offer 1000 free tokens to each new business that registers.


  • INR 5000.00
  • 1500 tokens
  • Validity 3 months



  • INR 10,000.00
  • 4000 tokens
  • Validity 6 months



  • INR 15,000.00
  • 10,000 tokens
  • Validity 12 months